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New Bosch brand identity

From innovation to fascination: more emotionality for the brand Corporate design as an expression of digital transformation

  • Denner: “Our new corporate design gives expression to digital transformation in the company.”
  • Developed for the demands of digital media
  • More flexibility and freedom for creativity
New Bosch brand identity

Stuttgart, Germany – Vibrant, diverse, dynamic: with its new brand identity, Bosch is underlining the company’s digital transformation to a provider of solutions for connected living. “With connected solutions, we want to help improve quality of life and conserve resources. Our new brand identity follows this example. Its design reflects the diversity and individuality of life and our products,” says Dr. Volkmar Denner, chairman of the board of management of Robert Bosch GmbH, explaining the background of the new brand identity. The new corporate design pushes the emotional aspects of the brand to the fore with more colors and a new language of imagery and form. The red Bosch lettering, the claim “Invented for life,” and the armature in a circle will remain unchanged. “Our company has changed greatly in recent years. The new corporate design gives expression to digital transformation at our company,” Denner adds. The smart home provides more convenience in the home, and the car gets help on its own if there is an accident.

New corporate design makes “Invented for life” tangible
The new corporate design is geared toward the special design requirements of digital media. However, it is also used in printed media, product packaging, and interior design. The simple design system has only very few rigid rules, which gives users creative freedom when putting the corporate design into practice. The new visual worlds show the benefits of “Invented for life” in warm colors. The focus is on the users of technology. “Whenever people come into contact with the brand, we want to make our claim, ‘Invented for life,’ tangible. We do this through images and graphic elements,” says Peter Feldmann, head of brand management and marketing communication at Bosch.

One new graphic element is what is known as the supergraphic. Through straight, overlapping, and curved lines, it symbolizes the Bosch brand promises: quality, global partnership, fascinating products, and responsibility. The supergraphic features the new range of colors. This is based on the colors used within the Bosch group to date: red, blue, light blue, and green. This range has been expanded to include mixed shades of the primary colors, such as fuchsia. A further design element is colored text boxes that can overlap. The overlapping fields stand for the link between people and technology. Summing up the new design, Gregor Schilling, head of corporate design at Bosch, says: “Together, full-screen background images, the supergraphic, and overlapping text boxes result in a lively, distinctive design.”

Bosch will introduce the new corporate design gradually over the next two years.

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