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Bosch plant wins regional development award

  • Support for local communities
  • New logistics center guarantees development in the region
Bosch plant wins regional development award

At a ceremony on 29 June 2018, the István Telekessy Regional Development Award, founded by Heves County Council in 2012, was presented to Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. of Hatvan, represented by its Technical Plant Manager, Attila Horváth. The award is the council’s expression of esteem for companies that have put in outstanding, innovative performance in regional and rural development over recent years. "This award is a great honour for me. The Bosch plant in Hatvan has from the beginning been a prominent and essential part of the life of the city, both as employer and responsible business," said Attila Horváth upon receiving the award.

The Hatvan plant is the Bosch Group’s largest automotive electronics factory worldwide. It has been operating for twenty years and is now the largest employer in the region. The plant endeavours to support not only its more than 4800 employees and their families, but also local institutions. The company takes an active part in education, having founded the successful Hatvan Community College in 2016. Forty-five Bosch employees are studying in the college this academic year. "For many years we have been leading the way in the region in our collaborations with local charitable foundations and NGOs, many of which we directly support. Bosch and Heves County Council share the goal of making the city of Hatvan, together with its region, an increasingly liveable place," Attila Horváth added.

Bosch’s Hatvan plant is shaping the future. It produces parts and technologies that are essential to the development of automated driving. These include electric steering controllers and radar systems of three different generations. The Hatvan plant is also out in front when it comes to electromobility: it is the Bosch Group’s largest producer of hybrid DC/DC converters, making many of the subcomponents in-house. One of the most important Bosch projects in the county in recent years is the Hatvan logistics park, which will be a key logistics center for the Group. The new facility connects its logistics activities in the Central and Eastern European region using industry 4.0 technology.

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