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Voluntary work à la Bosch

Full house’ sign placed at playground gate

Voluntary work à la Bosch

Hatvan – After the success of last autumn’s hospital painting work, the associates of Bosch Hatvan decided to give a helping hand again. This time they targeted and renovated the Majtényi utca playground and its surroundings in Hatvan. Each generation contributed to the renovation effort: the children repainted the playground equipment, benches and fence, while the adults planted trees and bushes and levelled the football field, repaired the goal and replaced the damaged nets. “In 2008, Bosch donated HUF 5 million to construct the Majtényi utca playground which has become a new public place in Hatvan. Now, thanks to the renewal support of some HUF 1 million and to the devoted work of my colleagues, the playground has regained its splendour,” said Volker Schilling, commercial plant manager of Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. in Hatvan.

One of the cornerstones of the Bosch strategy of corporate social responsibility is voluntary help. It has already been confirmed through numerous programme initiatives including, in particular, last autumn’s Bosch Big Band concert which actually raised HUF 3 million for the development of the paediatric unit at the clinic of Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Hatvan.

The company encourages and supports its associates to offer their work and free time for the purpose of improving their surroundings and the life of others. Bosch is convinced that, through voluntary work, people will be able to live a happier life in a community based on positive attitudes. “The company has been a major and active supporter of educational and public institutions as well as civil organisation in Hatvan for years now, and we will continue to pay special attention to these entities in line with our commitment to social responsibility,” noted the plant manager.

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