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University appointment for Bosch Plant Manager in Hatvan

Honorary Professorship for Volker Schilling

  • Committed supporter of the introduction and spread of dual training
  • Dual training in universities and colleges is a radically new technique and outlook in the Hungarian education system
University appointment for Bosch Plant Manager in Hatvan

Budapest/Hatvan – Volker Schilling, Commercial Plant Manager of Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. of Hatvan, has received an honorary professorship from Budapest Business School. It was presented by the Rector, Dr Balázs Heidrich, at the ceremony to open the academic year. BBS awarded the honour to Schilling for his dedicated endeavours in building up and strengthening links between the university and Bosch, particularly in the launch of university-level dual training and the setting up of a community college.

The plant manager said that Bosch has been involved in the launch and promotion of dual training in Hungary for several years. “We see the creation of the local knowledge-based society as a major pillar of economic development and the key to attaining it is high level education. It demands a flexible training system that can react sensitively to the constantly growing vocational demands of driving sectors of the economy. I am very proud and grateful that the university has recognised our efforts in this direction and my own commitment by conferring this honour.” Volker Schilling is heading the largest manufacturing facility of the Bosch Group’s Automotive Electronics division worldwide, and gives lectures in the university on Lean Management and Industry 4.0.

A new methodology in Hungarian education
The Bosch plant in Hatvan signed a long-term cooperation agreement with Budapest Business School in February of last year. It enables international business students on a dual training course to receive nearly a year and a half of professional experience during their studies. To complement what they learn in the university, the students gain a familiarity with Bosch’s logistics system and purchasing channels, supplier corporate management tasks, lean management on shop floor level, and the operation of enterprise resource management systems.

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