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Text alert! Is it a flood?

  • Scientists predict more frequent and more severe floods worldwide as heavy rain becomes increasingly common
  • Present mechanical flood warnings cannot react quickly enough
  • The new Bosch flood monitoring system keeps track of water levels in rivers and other surface water near towns – digitally and in real time
  • Text alerts allow local authorities and affected residents to take preventive measures in good time
Text alert! Is it a flood?

World Water Day, held every year on 22 March, is this year not just concerned with the importance of clean water and the hazards threatening fresh water reserves. It is also addressing the environmental and human consequences floods resulting from climate change. With smart connected solutions, Bosch is set to become a major force in the global technological discourse affecting climate change and weather.

Digital river monitoring gives timely warnings

Climate change is affecting the weather in many parts of the world, causing severe dry periods followed by sudden cloudbursts. The same, on a smaller scale, is happening in Hungary. As heavy rainfall events become more common, scientists are predicting increasingly frequent and severe floods worldwide. River levels have traditionally been measured mechanically, but it can take hours for the data to reach third parties for whom reaction time is crucial, like decision-makers in charge of evacuation and the emergency services. When a natural disaster threatens, every minute counts.

That is why the new Bosch flood monitoring system provides digital – and most importantly, real-time, second-to-second – measurement of water levels in rivers and other surface waters near built-up areas and gives timely warnings of a river about to burst its banks or a flash flood. Bosch has tested its new system in an experimental project on the River Neckar near Ludwigsburg.

The ultrasonic sensors and cameras of the flood monitoring system track changes in water speed and flow volume as well as the water level. Data is transmitted to the Bosch IoT cloud, where it is processed and analysed within seconds by a pattern recognition algorithm. If any value exceeds a critical threshold, text messages are sent out to local authorities, emergency-service decision makers, local residents and the owners and managers of businesses operating near the river, so that they can take the necessary measures to prevent flood damage.

Interest is being shown in the system by cities and countries – including several in India and South America – that frequently contend with floods and the damage that almost inevitably ensues.

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