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Students show appreciation of Bosch

Award for Bosch Engineering Center Budapest

  • Learning the market-oriented approach
  • Several-year partnership with Óbuda University
Students show appreciation of Bosch

Budapest – At the annual opening ceremony of Óbuda University in September, the university’s student council presented the “Collaborative Partner of the Year Award” to the Bosch Engineering Center Budapest. Welcoming the award, Javier González Pareja, representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary, said, “The Group has won many awards in the industrial and educational fields, but this is particularly important for us. It has come directly from the engineers of the future, many of them students who have got to know us well during projects lasting several months. I am very proud, because this award shows that the students and the university recognise our commitment, social responsibility, direct support for education, and regular technical advice.”

Learning the market-oriented approach
The Bosch Group has been supporting Óbuda University for several years. Technical competitions run by the group, such as the Pneumobile Competition, the Electromobile Competition and a series of competitions under the name Go-Kart Go-Bosch! that ended this year, set challenges to students that put their university learning to use and demand a lot of creativity. At present, students can choose from two subjects supported by Bosch and taught by Bosch staff. One is “Modern automotive products and development methods,” and the other a specifically practice-oriented software development course, named “Software development at multinational companies”, that has been running in the Neumann János Faculty of Informatics since September 2015.

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