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New plant manager in the Bosch power tools plant in Miskolc

  • László Fükő joins Ansgar Lengeling at the helm of Miskolc power tools plant
  • Professional development is in the interests of both workers and company
New plant manager in the Bosch power tools plant in Miskolc

Miskolc – The year has started off with a new appointment at Robert Bosch Power Tool Elektromos Szerszámgyártó Kft. in Miskolc. As of January, László Fükő, previously a head of department in the company, is now its plant manager. The new plant manager will be assisting the work of Ansgar Lengeling, who remains vice president of Home&Garden division and general manager of Robert Bosch Power Tool Elektromos Szerszámgyártó Kft.

László Fükő knows Bosch well, having filled various positions there since 2000. He started his career as an engineer at quality department at Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. in Hatvan, moving to the power tool plant in Miskolc as quality assurance group leader two years later. He then went on to fill various positions in quality assurance at Sebnitz in Germany and in various areas in the Miskolc power tool plant. He shifted to the automotive industry in 2012, taking the post of department leader and value stream manager at electrical drives division of Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft, also of Miskolc. He moved back to the power tools plant in 2014 as a department leader and value stream manager for professional power tools.

The new plant manager said, “One of my key tasks as manager is to bring to the surface the potential inherent in associates and facilitate their professional development. In building my own career, I received a tremendous amount of training, coaching and mentoring support from Bosch. So I place great emphasis on providing professional and career development for my colleagues. This is in the company’s interest as well as theirs. We try to find the activities that are just right for everybody, so that they can reach their best performance and demonstrate their capabilities. As associates, we should enjoy what we do. That is the only way to get the best results.”

The Miskolc power tool plant
The Bosch power tool division decided to expand into Eastern Europe fourteen years ago, and production got under way in Miskolc in 2003. The plant has increased its output steadily year by year, and produced its 75 millionth power tool in autumn 2015. This was the locally-developed Ixo cordless screwdriver, one of the most sought-after hand-held tools in the world.

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