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New Commercial Plant Manager in the Bosch Hatvan plant

  • Wolfgang Stein comes to the Hatvan plant from Reutlingen
  • New challenges in the industry
New Commercial Plant Manager in the Bosch Hatvan plant

Hatvan – On 1 January 2017, Volker Schilling handed over the post of commercial plant manager to Wolfgang Stein. The new manager has come from the Bosch automotive electronics plant in Reutlingen, Germany, where he was also commercial plant manager. Technical direction of the Hatvan plant remains with Roger Seemeyer, technical plant manager. Volker Schilling, who has headed the Bosch plant in Hatvan since August 2011, will be continuing his career in Germany as chief of the Bosch Group’s global Audit organization.

Wolfgang Stein took an economics degree in the University of Stuttgart, specializing in financial planning and controlling. He has been working for Bosch for twenty-eight years, and for the last ten of these has been at the head of the Group’s automotive electronics plant in Reutlingen. In his new position, Mr Stein, together with the technical plant manager, will have the job of further developing the Hatvan plant and guaranteeing good business results, operational excellence and the success of current projects. He said, “I believe with the strong team here in Hatvan, Bosch is looking forward to fruitful years ahead. The industry is changing at a dazzling pace as the trends shift to electric cars, digitalization, urban mobility, connectivity and automated driving. The Bosch plant in Hatvan is making a major contribution to all of these, with products that include radar sensors and the control units for most of the world’s automotive manufacturers.”

Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft.

Founded in 1998, the Hatvan plant is now the Bosch Group’s largest automotive electronics manufacturing facility in the world, with nearly 4000 employees helping to shape the future of driving.

The company’s core profile is high-volume production of control electronics and sensors, all future-oriented products of the global group’s Mobility Solutions business sector. It also makes dashboards for premium category cars. Worldwide, the products of the Bosch Hatvan plant have been fitted to more than 500 million vehicles. The electronic equipment supplied from Hatvan is making a major enhancements to automotive safety, cleanliness and economy.

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