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Municipal honour for Bosch Hatvan Plant Managers

Dedication, commitment and responsibility

Municipal honour for Bosch Hatvan Plant Managers

Hatvan – At a ceremonial meeting of the City Council in Grassalkovich Palace on 24 September 2016, Volker Schilling and Roger Seemeyer, Plant Managers of Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. of Hatvan, received municipal certificates of honour from Richárd Horváth, Mayor of Hatvan. They pledged the financial award that comes with the certificates to the Szent István Primary School and the Gesztenyéskert Nursery of Hatvan.

Volker Schilling, Commercial Plant Manager, said “It gives me great satisfaction that our company has an influence on the life of the region as more than an employer and is creating opportunities for the younger generation. By joining forces with Hatvan Council, we have been improving nursery services and primary school education every year, and this has enabled us to provide a high level of educational facilities for the children of our associates.” The plant managers have been heavily involved in activities to improve the city and diversify education in the city in recent years. Under their direction, the Hatvan plant has supported refurbishment of Gesztenyéskert Nursery and Szent István Primary School, renovated the energy systems of several other nursery schools in the city, and revamped the infrastructure of the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street Children’s Clinic.

They played a major role in setting up the Hatvan Community College Training Center, where local people now have opportunities to gain college-level qualifications. Roger Seemeyer, Technical Plant Manager, said, “I am convinced that the energy we have put into developing college and university education has already benefited many people. By setting up the Community College Training Center, for example, we have given our staff the chance to further expand and deepen their technical qualifications. The presence of major universities providing educational services in Hatvan is raising the attractiveness of the region. As Bosch grows its operations, it is also important for the company to have a positive effect on the area around it.”
Their activities at several charity events has benefited the city and its amenities. An outstanding example was a charity concert held in 2015 to raise funds for the Children’s Department of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital of Hatvan.

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