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Hatvan to be connected hub

Bosch establishes logistics center in Hungary - 250 new jobs in the region in 2018

  • Location will be Hatvan Industrial Park
  • 62,000 square meter building
  • Lighthouse for logistics and Industry 4.0 technology
Hatvan to be connected hub

Budapest/Hatvan – Bosch will establish its new state of the art regional logistics center in Hatvan to satisfy the current and future customer needs and the steady growth in the Central Eastern European region. Therefore Bosch will rent 62,000 square meters of the new complex to be built by a subsidiary of the industrial property development company NIPÜF Nemzeti Ipari Park Üzemeltető és Fejlesztő Zrt. The new Bosch logistics center will open in 2018 and bring 250 new employments to the region.

Central Eastern European lighthouse for logistics and Industry 4.0

Within the global Bosch logistics network with more than 800 logistics locations the new logistics center in Hatvan will be a strategic hub for Central Eastern Europe and reflects the Bosch Global Warehouse strategy. The hub will be operated by Corporate Logistics for several plants and across various divisions of the Bosch Group. It will act as a de- and consolidation hub for products and materials going in and out from the region. The hub will offer an all in one solution for Transportation, Warehousing and Operations under one roof. Marcus Schick, Senior Vice President Corporate Logistics, points out the importance for the Bosch Group: “The connected Hub in Hatvan is a very important milestone for our logistics activities in Central Eastern Europe. It is also a good example for the teamwork of different divisions within the Bosch group.”

The logistics center will handle storage, supplies and deliveries, and interconnect various regional activities to gain potential synergies. Target of this long-term and future-oriented project is to integrate and harmonise the logistics activities in the region and provide a much higher standard of service. Jaroslaw Dudek, Project Director, highlights the platform character of the venture: “The connected hub provides new opportunities to implement future supply chain projects faster and create new business models.”

An important factor in launching the project is Bosch’s commitment to Industry 4.0. The new logistics center will combine I4.0 equipment, applications and processes which are interlinked and introduced on a broad scale. Daniel Korioth, Representative of Bosch Group in Hungary states that Bosch is once again in the forefront: “This project will put into action technologies that represent development in the Industry 4.0 area, bringing a high level of efficiency and a very high degree of transparency. These are the core values of responsible corporate management of the 21st century.”

Wolfgang Stein, Commercial Plant Manager of Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. of Hatvan, puts the emphasis on the effects of the company’s economy-stimulating developments over the years: “Hatvan has become a prime industrial center in the country, and we are proud of the unmatched and outstanding role that Bosch is playing in this.”

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