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Community College launched in Hatvan with Bosch support

  • High level university education is being launched in Hatvan from September
  • Solution for engineering succession
  • Associates wishing to improve can continue their education locally
Community College launched in Hatvan with Bosch support

Hatvan – the Hatvan Community College was inaugurated under ceremonial circumstances, the establishment of which was initiated by Bosch in 2015 in order to support the associates wishing to continue their education and also to find a solution for the shortage of engineers on the labor market. In the new training center inaugurated on April 7th International Business higher vocational training in cooperation with the Budapest Business School (BGE), as well as Electrical Engineering BSc course with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) are being launched.

“I am very pleased that education can commence this year in the Hatvan Community College. This is not only the merit and interest of Bosch, but it also serves the development of the city of Hatvan” – said Volker Schilling, commercial plant manager of Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft. “One of our aims is to ensure succession of highly qualified labor in the Hungarian market, and the other one is to provide an attractive career and a new perspective for our associates working in the fields of production and supply chain logistics” – highlighted the plant manager. “We are participating in megatrends in future automotive business, like automated driving which requires communication between cars and infrastructures or Industry 4.0. These innovative technologies require high competence, based on quality education and more vocationally trained labor. Hence why we are supporting the Community College with our full power, same as the spreading of dual education in Hungary.” – added Roger Seemeyer, technical plant manager of Robert Bosch Elektronika Kft.

In the Community College electrical and process engineering knowledge is being cultivated in power products’ and radar technologies’ production, however, problem solving and communication also get a priority role. Bosch reinforces its engagement in dual education as well, which is supported by technical knowledge available at Bosch, curricula in accordance with market requirements as well as practice-oriented trainings.

Community College in Hatvan Based on the initiative of Bosch with the dedicated support of the Hatvan Municipality and in cooperation with two universities, the foundation of community higher education in Hatvan was among the first ones to be established in the country. In September 2016 the Budapest University of Technology and Economics launches a full-time electrical engineering BSc course, while the Budapest Business School commences international business higher vocational training in Hatvan. Bosch donated 23 laptops to improve the technical background of education, by this contributing to the establishment of the Bosch IT room. The high level university training drew substantial interest at the company as well, where 19 associates with primarily technician degrees have been preparing since last October to get successfully admitted to the new faculties to be launched this autumn. Twelve Bosch associates already have started their higher vocational training at BGE, where they successfully passed the exams of the first semester and will continue their studies at the Hatvan location from this September.

“I am proud of our associates, who are motivated and committed to continue their education, as well as to further improve their knowledge. I hope, that many people will follow their example in the upcoming years, as this institution has been founded for them as well” – said Javier González Pareja, representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary.

Dual education at Bosch HatvanIn accordance with the cooperation agreements signed in September 2014 thirteen dual education students have started their studies at the International Business BA faculty of BGE’s Department of Foreign Trade, and also at the Mechanical Engineering BSc course at the Szent István University. Oversubscription was fourfold.

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