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Chasing the deer for 26 years – the Bosch running event

New route, more participants than ever

  • More and more Bosch employees in the field
  • Bosch Group is name sponsor for ninth year in a row
  • There’s a bit of deer in all of us
Chasing the deer for 26 years – the Bosch running event

Eger/Miskolc – Students and former students, together with employees of the Bosch Group in Hungary, stepped up to the starting line in Eger for the 26th time. The 9 April running event attracted more participants than ever, together with nature lovers and enthusiastic supporters.

The new route the organisers laid out for the relay race this year did not miss out the magical paths through the breathtaking Bükk Hills. To take the runners even further from cars and smog, they took the Eger-Szilvásvárad section out of the programme. A novelty in this year’s race was that teams could enter with as few as five runners, so that very fit runners could do anything up to a half-marathon in the Szarvasűzők race. “I don’t just talk about it, I do it. I run in a team just like I work in a team. That is the strength of Bosch. Putting together the strength of individuals and the performance of individuals. But it is much more than that: running together and having fun together forms a community that takes us all forward in work. For many years, Bosch has been supporting creative and useful initiatives where future young employees can get a close up experience of thinking as a team and find out what true cooperation feels like. It gives me great pleasure that as the name sponsor of the event, the Bosch Group is showing an example via a sporting event,” said Javier González Pareja, representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary.

The Szarvasűzők relay race consists of six sections and a total of twelve stages with four restart points. Every year, the 83 kilometre distance is divided into stages of different degrees of difficulty, so that everyone can find the one that fits his or her fitness and strength. True to tradition, the race was started on 9 April by locals dressed up as deer, beating the tracks of the legendary Boniface with sticks. Then the runners set off in pursuit, along a route with different kinds of paths, easy and hard. The race is about the joy of running and the beauty of nature, but teamwork also comes in for attention. Making all this effort makes for lifelong friendships. Everybody is relying on each other and teams only reach the finish if stick together. If one runner gives up, than the team falls out of the contest. Victory demands stamina, creativity, the ability to struggle and absolute attention to each other. “I have always liked running. It is like catching up with yourself, with your own strength. Wherever you go, fast or slow, it is up to you as long as your feet can stand it and you’ve got enough puff. The Szarvasűzők races have taught me that there is no more uplifting feeling than running in a team, and so I am also very proud to have been able to run more than one stage this year,” said González.

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