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Bosch’s automotive plant in Miskolc starts the year with big numbers

14 billion forint investment and 200 millionth product

  • New production lines, new test equipment, building extension
  • 200 millionth product is the iBooster brake assist system motor
Bosch’s automotive plant in Miskolc starts the year with big numbers

Miskolc – At a special ceremony, Robert Bosch Energy and Body System Kft. of Miskolc has announced a new investment worth more than 14.1 billion forints. Scheduled for completion in 2021, the project comprises production lines for new-generation products and test equipment, and there will also be an office building extension. Accompanying the announcement was the presentation of the 200 millionth product to come off the production lines of the Miskolc automotive plant, the iBooster system motor. The event was attended by Péter Szijjártó, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Daniel Korioth, Representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary, Dr. Frank-Stephan Kupfer, Commercial Plant Manager of Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft, and Jochen Limberger, the Technical Plant Manager of the plant.

The project will support the operation of assembly lines for new generations of existing products (engine cooling fan and electric bike drives) and additional new products (e.g. smartwheel). The extension of an office building to the site, which is as well covered by the project, has become necessary through the continuous growth of Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft. The total capital cost of this technology-intensive development is 14.1 billion forints, of which 2.7 billion forints comprises a grant provided by special decision of the Hungarian government. Dr. Frank-Stephan Kupfer, Commercial Plant Manager of Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft, announced that “the investment will further strengthen the strategic importance of the Miskolc automotive plant and its already high-ranking global position.”

Competence and connectedness: engineering support directly at the point of production
Efficient production demands local support from engineers with a high degree of product knowledge. Jochen Limberger, Technical Plant Manager, said, “Product development at the Miskolc site involves engineering support for the projects at the point of production, to meet special customer requirements. This ensures the optimum utilization of existing and new production lines.” To provide customers’ demands for longer lifetime, lower noise levels and greater efficiency in electric vehicles, there will be a higher level of automation on the new production lines. This calls for new investment and more highly-qualified workers. A prominent feature of the development is the expansion and improvement of manufacturing, testing and development functions for the new-generation e-bike, for which Miskolc is at present the only Bosch production site worldwide.

Bosch plant’s 200 millionth product is also shaping the future
The object of celebration in the Miskolc automotive plant is the motor of the iBooster electromechanical brake assist system, one of the fundamental requirements for electric drives and an important component of hybrid and electric cars. The iBooster makes hybrid and electric cars more efficient, and enhances safety through shorter braking distance, together with the electronic steering system motor. The future-shaping feature of the iBooster is that it provides energy recovery during braking, thus increasing the range of electric vehicles and further reducing harmful emissions from internal combustion engines. The motor has been in production in Miskolc since 2014, and more than two million have already come off the production lines.

About Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft.
Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Kft. was established in summer 2003. It makes automotive components and electric drives, and currently has a workforce of 2500. In addition to manufacturing, the plant hosts research and development and other high added-value activities. One major non-automotive product is the eBike drive, an advanced and intelligent electric motor support system. The complete eBike system – comprising the drive unit, the display, the battery, the cables and all fitting required for electric drive – is sent out to the bike customers in every part of the world from the Miskolc plant.

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