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Bosch workers in Miskolc lend a helping hand in team building project

New wooden house and spice garden for the Baráthegy Farm of the Szimbiózis Foundation

  • Farm provides work for people with disabilities and reduced working abilities
  • Bosch workers put their knowledge into practice
  • A glimpse into the workings of the farm
Bosch workers in Miskolc lend a helping hand in team building project

Miskolc – Fifty employees of Robert Bosch Starter Motors Generators Kft. decided to spend their team-building day doing something more useful than usual: they visited the Baráthegy Rehabilitation Farm of the town’s Szimbiózis Foundation and worked together to renovate several parts of the institution there.

Since 1991, the Szimbiózis Foundation has been helping people with disabilities, especially those with learning difficulties and autism, to integrate into everyday life. In addition to creating a living space and community where they are happy to spend their time, work, learn household skills and develop their worldview, it passes on useful knowledge to parents and holds training for employers concerning the employment of people with disabilities. There is also an accredited forest school on the farm where children from far and wide come to get to know the people living there and the foundation. The Baráthegy Rehabilitation Farm is in the Diósgyőr district of Miskolc at the eastern gateway to the Bükk Forest, and has been in operation on its five-hectare site for fifteen years.

Workers from the Bosch plant in Miskolc wanted to make an active contribution to the dedicated work of the Szimbiózis Foundation. Most of them were designers in a technical department and wanted to do something practical. In their team-building day, they forged a very effective crew to tackle multifarious tasks, and the young residents in the home also took an active part in the work.

They put together a house made of wooden sections, laid out a new spice garden for the farm, put a roof on the goat house and did the structural work for a new granary. They also demolished an unused old byre and a fence and gathered up brushwood. Günter Schulze, general manager of Robert Bosch Starter Motors Generators Kft. said, “It was the attitude of diversity, acceptance and environmental awareness that guided the department’s choice. The staff were very pleased to do something useful in the time they had and to support an organisation that is very active locally and regionally.”

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