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Bosch is “Company of the Year for R&D Investment”

Investor of the Year awards presented

  • Continuous development at Engineering Center Budapest
  • Last year more than 300 new engineers were hired
  • Strong university cooperation
Bosch is “Company of the Year for R&D Investment”

Budapest – At the ceremony for the seven Investor of the Year awards for 2015, Robert Bosch Kft. was pronounced “Company of the Year for R&D Investment”. Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, presented the award to Oliver Schatz, head of the Bosch Engineering Center Budapest.

The Investor of the Year award was founded in 2005 to recognise companies – and supporting organisations and local authorities – which have made the greatest contributions to boosting the Hungarian economy and job market during the year.

Javier González Pareja, representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary, said of the award, “At its nine companies in Hungary, Bosch now provides work for 12,200 people. We are one of the companies that power the Hungarian economy, and our annual sales approaches three per cent of Hungarian GDP. When anybody talks about the development of autonomous cars or connected living, they cannot fail to mention Hungary, and much of the credit for this goes to the Engineering Center Budapest, where developments are constantly in progress. This award proves to us that there is a future in common strategic thinking, opening new directions to the pursuit of industry objectives. The Bosch Group also has major strategic future plans for the automotive R&D facility, and the high-standard work of Hungarian engineers has an essential role in these.”

Since its foundation in 2005, the Engineering Center Budapest has been widely recognised as one of the major bases of automotive manufacturing technology and innovation in the Bosch Group, offering attractive work and career opportunities for the best engineering graduates and experienced engineers. At the award ceremony, the head of the Engineering Center Budapest, Oliver Schatz, said, “The number of projects, like the number of engineers working here, is constantly growing. Last year hired more than 300 new engineers and the workforce of the Engineering Center will soon pass the 1500 persons. Last August, the Engineering Center Budapest took occupation of its expanded campus and if we take the number of associates is now the Group’s second largest automotive industry development facility in Europe. Proof of the company’s innovative character and long-term strategy is that it currently has connections with nineteen universities and colleges and has brought major research and development activity to Hungary."

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