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Bosch develops its suppliers

Connected industry plays increased role in Hungary

  • Bosch plans to join supplier development programme
  • Continuous development is indispensable for shaping the future
  • Several sites of the Bosch Group in Hungary have already been active in Industry 4.0 operations
Bosch develops its suppliers

Budapest – As a leading global supplier of technology and services, Bosch plans to join the supplier development programme of the Hungarian government. The relevant Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Mihály Varga, Minister of National Economy and Daniel Korioth, Representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary on 6 September 2017.

One of the guiding lines of the Bosch strategy is the shaping of our future; however, continuous development is indispensable – both within the company and the cooperating partners – for such a leading role. Therefore Bosch was pleased to receive the news from the Ministry of National Economy about the development programme designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in Hungary. “The purpose of our involvement in this programme is to develop our domestic suppliers with a focus on Industry 4.0 and to support the required knowledge transfer and capacity enlargement,” says Daniel Korioth, Representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary, upon welcoming the initiative launched by the Ministry of National Economy for the development of Hungarian suppliers.

The commitment of Bosch to Industry 4.0 plays a major role in the start of this cooperation. Relying on its extensive expertise, knowledge base and complete solutions in the world of networked industry, Bosch is not only a supplier of services but also an active user of Industry 4.0. The Miskolc-based power tool plant was the first among the Hungarian Bosch affiliates to introduce Industry 4.0 manufacturing in Hungary. The relevant procedure is suitable for the efficient, cost-effective and very flexible manufacturing of various power tools, even in small production lots. This way the company is able to respond quickly to the ever changing order volumes of online trade.

One of the company group’s most important investment projects is the Hatvan logistics center scheduled to open next year, where the widely used and connected Industry 4.0 equipment, applications and processes will be integrated and merged.

In 2016, Bosch was one of the companies showing the highest growth of workforce in the Hungarian private sector. In 2016, as compared with the previous year’s figure, Bosch created 2,000 new jobs in Hungary; as a result, the Bosch Group in Hungary employs more than 14,200 people (as per 1 January 2017). Therefore Bosch is now the largest industrial employer in Hungary. “The presence of Bosch in Hungary is constantly strengthening, and we continue to make long-term plans. The company’s efforts to shape our future require cooperating partners and suppliers capable of keeping pace with, and reacting flexibly to, the technological changes,” points out Daniel Korioth.

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