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Bosch completes passenger safety and energy efficiency development project

7 billion forint automotive industry investment

  • Safe driving experience in focus
  • Engineering Center Budapest developing to meet latest automotive industry trends
Bosch completes passenger safety and energy efficiency development project

Budapest – Bosch in Hungary has just completed a major development project in its central Budapest facility. The company made this announcement at a ceremony attended by Dr József Pálinkás, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office, Javier González Pareja, Representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary and Oliver Schatz, Head of the Engineering Center Budapest.

Robert Bosch Kft. launched the seven billion forint project in its Engineering Center Budapest in 2013. Two billion forints of the project budget was a grant from former Research and Technology Innovation Fund, now National Research, Development and Innovation Office. The project objective was to develop passenger safety technologies that meet the latest automotive industry trends and the demands of automotive manufacturers. Robert Bosch Kft. collaborated on the project with the Institute for Computer Science and Control of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the University of Miskolc. Oliver Schatz, Senior Vice President Technical of Robert Bosch Kft. and Head of Engineering Center Budapest, said that the principal aim of the project was “to provide drivers with the safest, most reliable and most energy efficient driving experience.”

Javier González Pareja said, “I am proud of this project and the unbroken development of the Engineering Center Budapest.” He highlighted the number of highly qualified employees in Bosch’s R&D facility in Budapest, now standing at 1500 engineers, twice the number there were only three and a half years ago. Schatz added that there will be no letup in the Engineering Center’s dynamic growth, because the Budapest facility is launching a new development project to address one of today’s key automotive megatrends.

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