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1700th Bosch engineer arrives just a few weeks after 1600th

No let-up in expansion of Bosch Engineering Center Budapest

  • Development engineers joining Bosch at a rapid rate
  • Company hires nanotechnology expert and software engineer
  • Bosch maintains its attraction for highly qualified young people
1700th Bosch engineer arrives just a few weeks after 1600th

Budapest – The expansion of the Bosch Engineering Center Budapest is keeping up its heady pace. Hardly four months after welcoming the 1500th engineer, the company has passed another milestone, and only a few weeks passed between the entry of the 1600th and 1700th engineers. The 1600th was Dr Ágnes Veres, a nanotechnology expert. Having previously been engaged in university research, she said she had always been attracted by the idea of working for a multinational company. The 1700th engineer is software engineer Péter Braun, a graduate of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics who has ten years’ experience of working in a major telecommunications company.

Bosch remains an attractive employer
Bosch’s latest female engineer, Dr Ágnes Veres, was previously engaged in research on photocatalytic applications of nanoparticles and nanocomponents. This work took her to South Korea and Singapore, where she was based for several years. In her new position, she is working on new processes for encapsulating electronic control units and related material characterisation tests. Javier González Pareja, representative of the Bosch Group in Hungary, said, “The number of engineers working in the Engineering Center Budapest has more than doubled over the last four years. I am proud that the most talented young people are choosing us and that we have been able to continuously expand our workforce here with highly qualified people.”

Péter Braun has been interested in IT and technology since his childhood, and the Engineering Information Technology course at university was an obvious choice for him. In his new position, he is working on driver assistance systems that provide active safety and comfort functions: camera systems and systems for lane keeping and lane departure warning. He says what he finds exciting about working at Bosch is that it is one of the prime movers in the birth of the autonomous vehicle, and it is great to be involved in this revolution. Oliver Schatz, general manager and senior vice president technical of Robert Bosch Kft., the head of the Engineering Center Budapest, said that Bosch had a reputation on the labour market for security and reliability, and most importantly, for a wide range of development opportunities. He added, “The Engineering Center Budapest is one of Bosch’s major European research and development facilities, and represents the most advanced technology and working environment.”

Besides being a major force in the automotive industry, Bosch in Hungary is in the forefront of research and development. Nearly every tenth Bosch employee in the country is a graduate working in the R&D area. The company also puts great effort into securing the future of young talents while they are still at university, selecting and supporting hopeful future recruits through a range of sponsorship and scholarship programmes and competitions.

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