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More than 60 specialist journalists from Central and Eastern Europe were present at the event "Bosch Diesel Day 2006" on one of the test circuits of Hungaroring near Budapest. The whole day program was focused on "The economical, ecological and driving advantages of diesel vehicles". During the morning the participants listened to lectures delivered by diesel specialists on the expansion of modern diesel technology justified by economical and ecological advantages in the region. In the afternoon the quests had the possibility to try what they had heard with the help of test cars using Bosch diesel technology on the Formula 1 track of Hugaroring and in the Technical Driving Center.

After the words of welcome by Gerhard K. Rosin, Managing Director of Robert Bosch Ltd. the journalists listened to the lecture of Dr. Karl Strobel, President of Robert Bosch AG, Vienna , and responsible for the activities of Robert Bosch AG in the Central and Eastern European region. Mr Strobel emphasized the leading role of Bosch in the fields of innovation and technology. In the vehicle branch it is shown by launching products that make driving safer, cleaner and more economical. In this way ecology and economy make each other complete in the products of Bosch.

Afterwards Dr. Karl F. Glenz, Director of the Diesel Branch at Robert Bosch GmbH described the international diesel trends and the latest results of leading Bosch diesel technology. In his lecture he pointed out that diesel vehicles consume 30% less fuel, emit 20 to 25% less harmful material, have bigger moment, longer lifetime and thus a more stable value than petrol-fuelled cars. Due to its unique diesel competence Bosch improves these advantages of diesel vehicles by further optimising burning and follow-up of exhaust fumes. Mr Glenz stated that no other internal-combustion engine can be applied in such a wide range as diesel engine mainly due to its efficiency.

Hanno Miorini, Vice President of Factory Supply presented the effect of the success story of diesel on Central and Eastern Europe. He said that the ration of diesel vehicles is expected to increase slowly but continuously in the region. The perspectives of diesel in the region are the growing spread of diesel-fuelled light utility vehicles, increasing fuel prices and the improment of diesel infrastructure.

The press conference was closed by Thomas Faustmann, Managing Director of Audi Motors Hungary and Detlef Hiemesch, Projectmanager of Diesel Development at BMW in Steyr. They both lectured on the latest diesel developments.

Before the awaited test driving Richard Wagner, Director of Adria Sales Region at Robert Bosch Ltd. responsible for vehicle fitting reported on the Bosch infrastructure with the help of which Bosch supports the spread of clean, economical and sporty diesel driving. He outlined that more than 10% of the Bosch Diesel Centers of the world are found in the Eastern European and Adria Region thus embodying the present professional advantage of Bosch in the field of diesel diagnostics, exchange of diesel parts and diesel repair.

During the breaks of the test driving the participants could study diesel diagnostics and exchange of parts in one of the F1 boxes on the pit-lane and and they could also look at a diesel history exhibition presenting the diesel traditions of Bosch.

The Bosch Group is a leading global manufacturer of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods, and building technology. In fiscal 2005, some 251,000 associates generated sales of 41.5 billion euros. Set up in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) as "Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering," the Bosch Group today comprises a manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service network of more than 280 subsidiaries and more than 12,000 Bosch service centers in over 140 countries.

The special ownership structure of the Bosch Group guarantees its financial independence and entrepreneurial freedom. It makes it possible for the company to undertake significant up-front investments in the safeguarding of its future, as well as to do justice to its social responsibility in a manner reflective of the spirit and will of its founder. A total of 92 % of the share capital of Robert Bosch GmbH is held by the charitable foundation Robert Bosch Stiftung. The entrepreneurial ownership functions are carried out by Robert Bosch Industrietreuhand KG.

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